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Peer-to-Peer is a unique, experiential learning program for people with any serious mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining their wellness and recovery.

Peer-to-Peer consists of eight two-hour units and is taught by a team of two trained Leaders and a volunteer support person who are personally experienced at living well with mental illness.

Participants come away from the course with a binder of hand-out materials, as well as many other tangible resources: an advance directive; a “relapse prevention plan” to help identify tell-tale feelings, thoughts, behavior, or events that may warn of impending relapse and to organize for intervention; mindfulness exercises to help focus and calm thinking; and survival skills for working with providers and the general public.

For more information, please contact: or 785-233-0755.

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NAMI Connection is a recovery support group program for people living with mental illness. These groups provide a place that offers respect, understanding, encouragement and hope.

The groups are led by trained individuals who are in recovery themselves. They understand your daily challenges and can offer you encouragement and support. All groups are confidential– you can share as much or as little personal information as you wish.

NAMI’s Support Groups are unique because they follow a structured model to ensure you and others in the gr have an opportunity to be heard and to get what you need. By sharing your experiences in a safe and confidential setting, you gain hope and develop relationships. The group encourages empathy, productive discussion and a sense of community.

Support groups are open to all adults with mental illness, regardless of diagnosis.  Participants should feel welcome to drop by and share feelings, difficulties, or successes.

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NAMI In Our Own Voice (IOOV) presentations change attitudes, assumptions, and stereotypes about people with mental health conditions. These free 40-, 60-, 90- minute presentations provide a personal perspective of mental illness, as presenters with lived experience talk openly about what it’s like to live with a mental health condition.

Our trained presenters humanize the misunderstood, highly stigmatized topic of mental illness by showing the it’s possible- and-common- to live well with a mental health condition. This presentation provides:

  • A chance to ask presenters questions, allowing for a deeper understanding of mental health conditions and dispelling of stereotypes and misconceptions.
  • The understanding that every person with a mental health condition can hope for a brighter future.
  • Information on how to learn more about mental health and get involved with the mental health community.

For more information, please contact or at 785-233-0755.

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