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NAMI National Convention

The 2020 NAMI National Convention is now a virtual event.

Dear NAMI community,

After thoughtful deliberation, NAMI has made the difficult decision to transition NAMICon 2020 from an in-person meeting to a virtual experience. As you are aware, risks associated with large-scale live events this year remain unknown, and we are committed to the health and safety of all our attendees, staff, presenters, sponsors and exhibitors. We also recognize that many people and organizations now face tough budget decisions, especially related to travel and professional development opportunities, that may make the trip to Atlanta less feasible.

Because of these changing circumstances, we are refunding all paid registrations for the Atlanta event. Please see details below for specific information on refunds and reservations.

While we might not be able to meet in person, we’re committed to facilitating invaluable connections with peers, and we’re excited at the opportunity to deliver NAMICon remotely. A virtual platform has the potential to connect even more people within the NAMI community to information and resources needed during this critical time.

Our staff is currently working through details to support the transition to a virtual NAMICon. We will share updates via NAMI’s website and social media platforms as more details become available.
Thank you for your patience and resilience as we navigate through these uncertain times together.


Daniel H. Gillison, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, NAMI


CLICK HERE for more information.

Below is a list of MP3 (audio) files recorded at the 2019 NAMI National Convention.  Due to hosting limitations, we are unable to post the actual files here on the NAMI Kansas website, but we can post a link to where the files are hosted on the Internet.  This link will be active until June 30, 2020.  Until then, you can play and listen to the files on the linked website, or you can download the files and listen to them on your own computer, if you would like to retain access to them beyond June 30, 2020.

CLICK HERE to access the MP3 files from the 2019 NAMI National Convention.

The first file on the linked website is a PDF file of the printed Program from the 2019 NAMI National Convention.  In it, you will find more detailed descriptions of the presentations and presenters recorded in the audio files.  Not all of the presentations listed in the program are available in MP3 format, and one of the MP3 presentations (NAMI-19-032 The VA Mental Health Continuum of Care) is not listed in the program–but the Program is still a useful guide to the vast majority of the presentations available.

2019 NAMI National Convention Presentations

NAMI-19-001 NAMI Leadership Summit – Forging Our Future

NAMI-19-002 A Philanthropic Framework for Donors in Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders

NAMI-19-003 NAMI Opening Plenary

NAMI-19-004 Life Change – The Healing Power of Telling Your Story

NAMI-19-005 The Power of Employment

NAMI-19-006 NAMI Ending the Silence for Families

NAMI-19-008 Disparities Faced by Individuals with Mental Health Problems – Tools to Forge Pathways for Change

NAMI-19-009 The Evolution of a DBT-Informed Parenting Skills Group for Caregivers of Youth

NAMI-19-010 The Military Culture – Checking Our Culture Competence

NAMI-19-011 Expand NAMI Programs – Online Program Leader Training

NAMI-19-012 The Kids We Lose – Partial Screening and Discussion

NAMI-19-013 Engaging Communities of Color with NAMI Affiliates

NAMI-19-014 Family Inclusion in a Recovery Oriented System of Care

NAMI-19-015 Narrowing the Net – Reducing the Role of Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System in Mental Health Care

NAMI-19-017 Solving the Competency Dilemma – Reducing Inappropriate Incarceration of People with Mental Illness

NAMI-19-018 Integrating NAMI Peer-to-Peer and NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group into a State Prison System – How Iowa Did It

NAMI-19-019 Leading Your Organization – How the Standards of Excellence Maps the Way

NAMI-19-020 Measuring Impact – Begin at the Beginning

NAMI-19-021 Employment Opportunities for All Abilities

NAMI-19-022 Leveraging the Power of Growing Corporate Activism to Accelerate Stigma Reduction

NAMI-19-023 Community Response Team Program – Addressing Mental Wellness

NAMI-19-027 I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help

NAMI-19-028 Dear Stranger – A Journey of Youth Mental Health

NAMI-19-029 Whole Health Coaching – A New Approach for Promoting Psychosocial Recovery

NAMI-19-030 Game Changer – Mo’ Money, Mo’ Mission

NAMI-19-031 The Destructive Impact of Imprisonment – Solitary Confinement of Prisoners With Mental Illness

NAMI-19-032 The VA Mental Health Continuum of Care

NAMI-19-033 Writing from the Heart – Using Poetry as a Healing Response to Mental Illness

NAMI-19-034 Successful Outcomes of an Integrated Co-Occurring Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders Program

NAMI-19-035 How to Successfully Challenge an Insurance Company’s Denial of Mental Health Benefits

NAMI-19-036 Desi and Depressed – Mental Illness in the South Asian-American Community

NAMI-19-037 NAMI on Campus

NAMI-19-040 African American Church Business – What Every Organization and Mental Health Provider Needs to Know

NAMI-19-041 Navigating the Justice System with Mental Illness

NAMI-19-042 Bipolar Disorder – A Lifetime of Passion, an Unpredictable Journey

NAMI-19-043 Digital Mental Health – Recent Findings and New Directions

NAMI-19-044 Combining Cognitive Training and Brain Stimulation – A Feasibility Study

NAMI-19-046 National Partnership on Behavioral Health and Tobacco Use

NAMI-19-048 DBT – The State of the Science & Clinical Implications

NAMI-19-049 Substance Use Disorders and Medication Assisted Therapy

NAMI-19-050 Leveraging NAMI Sharing Your Story with Law Enforcement for Systems Change

NAMI-19-051 One Family’s Journey Down the Bumpy Road to Recovery and Transition to Young Adulthood

NAMI-19-052 NAMI In Our Own Voice Presentation

NAMI-19-053 Is Anyone Listening – The Silencing of African American Women and Girls with Mental Health Issues

NAMI-19-054 Celebrating Advancements – When the Judiciary Joins the Conversation

NAMI-19-055 FaithNet Networking

NAMI-19-059 Research Plenary

NAMI-19-060 Engaging Young Adults – How to Get Younger Populations Invested in NAMI

NAMI-19-061 NAMI Connects – How to Implement and Secure Funding for the Next Level of Care in a Hospital Setting

NAMI-19-062 Federal Legislative Briefing and NAMI Policy Priorities

NAMI-19-063 Salesforce 101 – NAMI 360 Training for States and Affiliates

NAMI-19-064 Rule Changer – Your Event as an Advocacy ToolNAMI-19-065 LGBTQ Networking

NAMI-19-066 Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Psychosis – What It Is, What It Does, and How You Can Help

NAMI-19-067 NAMI Celebration and Awards Banquet

NAMI-19-070 NAMI Family & Friends Presentation

NAMI-19-071 Intercept Zero – Successfully Implement Prevention Within Your Community

NAMI-19-072 WRAP – Advancing the Holistic Synergy Between the Medical and the Recovery Models of Treatment

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