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Join the thousands of concerned citizens in over 85 communities across the nation will walk together to raise money and awareness to ensure vital, free NAMI programs and services are available to provide help and hope to those in need. Every journey begins with that first step. Through NAMIWalks’ public, active display of support for people affected by mental illness, we are changing our American communities and ensuring that help and hope are available for those in need.

Local Mental Health Walk Becomes National Virtual Event

NAMIWalks 5K becomes NAMIWalks Your Way, Joins National Day of Hope on October 10

Every year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, known locally as NAMI Kansas, brings
together hundreds of people to raise mental health awareness and funds through NAMIWalks Kansas.
This year NAMIWalks Kansas is “going virtual.” On Saturday, October 10, Kansas will participate in
NAMIWalks Your Way: A National Day of Hope. This day also marks World Mental Health Day and the
last Saturday of Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Instead of walking a 5K together at West Ridge Mall in Topeka, participants will choose an activity of
their choice and join virtually with nearly 70 other NAMIWalks and hundreds of thousands of mental
health advocates from across the country.

Many participants still plan to walk, using their treadmill or going outside in the backyard or through a
local park—all while taking precautions to stay safe. Others plan to hula-hoop, flip pancakes, practice
yoga or do another activity they enjoy. They will share their activities on social media and follow NAMI
Kansas’ program on Facebook that includes mental health facts, participant activities and local

To join NAMIWalks Your Way, visit There is no registration fee, but fundraising is
encouraged. Funds raised support NAMI Kansas’ free local mental health programs and services.
NAMIWalks is supported across the country by National Lead Sponsor, Alkermes, and National Partner,
Takeda Lundbeck.


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