Find Help, Find Hope!

2018 Annual Conference

30 Years of Help, Hope & Healing

October 12-13, 2018

Topeka Performing Arts Center

214 SE 8th Avenue

Topeka, Kansas

30 years ago, NAMI Kansas grew out of a different era of issues and attitudes related to stigma and access to care.  Today’s focus on recovery for persons living with mental illness was not yet established and individuals living with mental illness were not yet part of NAMI. 

Our mission remains focused on advocacy, peer support and education by and for both individuals experiencing mental illnesses and their family members.  That mission has stood the test of time while our strategic vision evolved to expect that the mental health systems of care will support a recovery-focus for individuals living with mental illnesses. 

Looking back, we celebrate our founders who guided us to the present.  We look forward to new leadership that will carry us through the next 30 years.  The lessons learned from the last 30 years will guide us to stronger and more effective outcomes for our members and toward increased engagement of the broader public. 

Our vision includes increasing our relevance to diverse constituencies within our communities and growing new partnerships at the state and local levels while expanding our organizational reach to unserved areas of the state. 

The message of hope for recovery from mental illnesses has been a cornerstone of our work for the past 30 years and remains a central message for the years ahead. 

We are inviting workshop proposals which help us stretch our vision and provide tools for taking important next steps.  How can we provide stronger connections of peer support in our communities and bring new members into the NAMI family?  What educational objectives need lifting up to prepare our members to more effectively engage community partners?  How do we fine-tune our advocacy to obtain our desired impact on public policy and better assist individuals who are falling through the cracks in our mental health systems? 

CLICK HERE to learn more about offering a workshop proposal.  Proposals most be received by June 1st.


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